At Soles, we never stop training – whether it is for our first or 300th race, we are serious about it. Our weekly group run schedule is as below:

Sunday Funday Run

Start Location: Regional Sports Centre, Kadavanthara

Start Time: 5:30AM

Distance: 8km – 16km

This is the most popular and populous run of the week. This is where we get introduced to new Soles who may be new to running or seasoned veterans. While most of us are the “slow and easy” types, we don’t chastise someone for being fast!

Tuesday “Too-easy” Run

Start Location: Bhima Jewelers, Edappally

Start Time: 5:30AM

Distance: 2km – 11km

We run an easy pace run on the flat service road between Lulu junction at Edapally and Gold Souk Grande at Vyttila. Yes, we run from one mall to another! The location is convenient for most people, so this run is also gaining popularity. It is the apt route for beginners too as there are various mile markers depending on the distance you would like to run out and back, which other soles would be happy to share with you (Beware: Some Soles tend to have a sense of humour and may end up making you run farther than you think you can without even knowing it, You’ll love it though! )

Wednesday Waddle Hill Run

Start Location: Karimughal, Kakkanad/ Puthencruz

Start Time: 5:30AM

Distance: 5km – 21km

We test our quads and hamstrings as much as our mental toughness. Neither the darkness nor the elevation can stop a determined Sole. We rise above the rest on our way up the hill and lift everyone up on our way down.

Thursday Temp the Hill Run

Start Location: CUSAT Campus Amphitheatre.

Start Time: 5:30AM

Distance: 5km – 15km

On Thursdays we head out to the slight hills of the CUSAT Campus, Kalamassery and HMT to have some fun with the scenic beauty of the surrounding to accompany us. The routes generally have considerably less traffic and so are perfect for the scenic runs. It’s the perfect place to introduce yourself to hill running with slight gradients that you can ease into.

Friday Friendly Cross Training/ Duathlon

Start Location : Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium, Kaloor

Start Time: 5:30 AM

The Cochin Bikers Club (CBC) along with the Soles of Cochin organize an introduction to running for bikers and biking (as in, cycling) for runners because they are interchangeably fairly good forms of cross-training. If you do want to join and do not have a bike, give us or the extremely generous folks at the CBC a shout and more often than not they can hook you up with a ride for that morning.

Saturday “So Long” Run

Start Location: Various Locations

Start Time: 4AM-5AM

Distance: 16km – 32km

Can you handle the distance? Sure you can! You just have to go a mile at a time. On Saturdays, many Soles are out on the road running a variety of distances based on what we’re training for. Most of these runs are on flat courses, but sometimes we do like a good challenge. We might go out on a hilly or a hot or a humid run. We do get volunteers to provide hydration sometimes too!

Join our facebook group – Soles of Cochin (Cochin Runners) for updates on our Saturday Long Runs.