How to keep yourself motivated

We often tend to start off with something that we’ve been meaning to do, real well. Our new year’s resolutions are a really good example for that.
When it comes to running, it is just the same. We are supremely motivated by the event we’ve registered for and will train for it ceaselessly, but what happens right after that?
What happens when you don’t have an event to look forward to immediately, when the embrace of slumber does not let you go when you want to get out for a run in the morning, when we get just plain lazy?

Well, we all face these issues and others, from professional athletes to the beginner who has just started running. Here are some of the ways you can battle them.


Track your Progress

First and foremost, track your progress using a device or app so that you have solid data to show you how well you are doing, how far you’ve come, etc. It will provide you with immense motivation if you can see you progress rather than just to arbitrarily run, even if you don’t plan on increasing your distance or speed to participate in an event. Tangible data will allow your brain to feel that you are as a matter of fact making progress, regardless of however minute that progress is; you may see it in increased distance, increased speed, increased efficiency, reduced effort in doing the same distances or speeds.
You can also look back at this data to motivate yourself by seeing how far you’ve come.

There are dedicated trackers such as the Fitbit, etc which provide basic step counting data, as well as the Garmin, Tom Tom, PolarSuunto etc kind of watch performance trackers which provide a much more in-depth approach to your training and run.
You can also reach for a more pervasive and frugal solution of using Sports tracking apps for mobile devices such as Endomondo, Nike+, Adidas micoach, and runkeeper etc. These provide a rather solid outlook into your progress and are easy to use, just put your device into an armband, strap it onto your arm and go for a run.

Challenge your Friends

Challenging your friends, colleagues, spouses etc is a good way to ensure that you have each other to motivate one another when you feel the inertial pangs that don’t allow you to go for a run. There are mobile apps that can help you in this like The Fitness Games or the various apps listed earlier. Either virtually or physically having someone check on you (or even pick on you) will drive the competitive spirit to help you get out of the door

Reward Yourself

Giving yourself a treat every now and then for making it out the door can help in maintaining a regular fitness regime. It could be anything, tangible or intangible; a new singlet, pair of shoes, tracking device, registration to an event, a book etc on completion of a certain distance or time period out on a run that you may choose. There are also services that automatically count points for you, send you a message of encouragement and that some employers or health providers may even use to reward you like Everymove.

At the end of the day, if you can get yourself to get out there for a run, regardless of how you manage to do that, you are going to see phenomenal results, both mentally and physically.

Cheers! and #Runstrong!