Why should we run?

We all are faced with the question every now and then when we set out to try something new or that isn’t exactly the most convenient or conventional thing to do, Why do it?

Why should I push myself to get up, out of bed in the morning, leaving the embrace of sweet morpheus behind to push myself beyond my comfort zone and end up sweaty and smelly before I get back home? Why should I risk hurting myself or brave the catcalls and dismissing attitudes of all the ‘normal’ folk who deem it close to lunacy to move at a pace any faster than an efficient 5 km/hr that won’t break you into too much of a sweat. Why should I even think of running as a form of exercise when there is so much that people say, that is bad with running.

There is no single answer to these questions but one slightly oversimplified answer would be: Because I can!

Running is one of the easiest healthy habits one can take up which creates a chain reaction into making the person who has taken up running , happier, stronger and healthier. Even the people they interact with can feel the boosts in mood more often than not. Invariably one starts moving towards a healthier lifestyle, eating better, sleeping better and feeling oh so much better.

It is the cheapest of sports and is one of the only sports that costs progressively less as you get better at it. The health benefits of running are not isolated to physiological benefits alone although the physical benefits are immense; running has been scientifically demonstrated to have very uplifting mental benefits as well, being one of the key therapeutic methods used to treat depression too.

It helps battle some of the most dangerous diseases afflicting us as a species as of late: Diabetes and Cardiovascular (heart) disease. It also helps if one wants to kick harmful habits like smoking etc. as has been clearly demonstrated in the ‘Take A Breath Of Fresh Air’ campaign.

The boosts to self confidence and a positive self image cannot be overstated. Feeling uncomfortable in your skin? Running can change that for you in no time, you will start feeling good, looking good (you already do) and your confidence will get a major shot in the arm. You will start loving yourself if you don’t already and invariably will become a healthier and happier person.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on… give it a shot!