How do I get started?



  • I’ve never run in my entire life!
  • The last time I ran was years ago!
  • The only time I’ve run was for a bus!
  • I cant even run a hundred metres, I could never run with you folks!
  • I’m not fast enough, I could never join you for a run!
  • I get tired quickly and have to walk in between!
  • I’m too old to start now!

These and other myriad questions may be plaguing you and preventing you from just getting out there and starting.
But, as a number of runners profess, one can start running at anytime, one just has to decide to do so.

Making the decision to start running is much like taking to decision to do anything productive in life, one just has to do it, use the assistance of fellow runners, but just jump in with both feet. Don’t put it off for a week from now or a month from now because those excuses that we make to ourselves invariably keep mutating and our deadlines keep extending. When you have a prolific group of runners for company, seize the opportunity to try running with them for the first time to get tips and tricks that will make the entire process far easier.

The Soles of Cochin have runners with experiences across the spectrum ranging from beginners to veterans and runners of all experience levels in between, we have runners who have just begun running to ultra marathoners who cover distances over 42.195 km: the distance of a marathon. We have sprinters and distance runners who are more than willing to help anyone and everyone they can when it comes to giving tips on running. We have people all over the spectrum in terms of footwear as well, from people in running shoes, to minimalist footwear to barefoot runners too.

It doesn’t matter if you run, walk or jog in between, its about having fun doing it and completing whatever you set out to do.

With the vibrant Soles of Cochin, there is never a dull moment during or after your run.
We enjoy our socializing just as much as we enjoy our runs and that has become our most potent strength.

So get out there and start running!!! If you’d like to have some fun while at it, you’re more than welcome to join us!!!

Cheers and we hope to run with you soon!!