About Soles of Cochin

Soles of Cochin is a registered running club in Cochin.

Run for dear life, quite literally, and better it in the process. Run and discover the joys of running and its health benefits. That’s what Soles of Cochin, Kerala (SOCK) is propagating. They are, with their weekly run, spreading the goodness of this physical activity. Soles of Cochin aims to take running right into people’s hearts, to become a part of their lifestyle.

The group comprises of a bunch of people who believe in staying healthy and have opted running as a means to do that. It is an affiliation based community and does not include fees or membership – common interest to run is the theme that binds people. Soles of Cochin is a self-funded, leaderless initiative with no commercial or business intent other than to promote running in Cochin and neighboring communities. With this objective of promoting running, the group does informal meet ups over runs organized across Kochi and participates in organized runs. With the purely organic growth achieved through word of mouth, the group has about 100 Kochi based members who run at least twice a week.

Soles of Cochin is a freestyle group with each runner running his or her preferred distance/pace.

Runners will not only enjoy running with the group but also become a better runner because of the group dynamics.

How do I get Soles of Cochin T Shirt?

Send a message to solesofcochin@gmail.com specifying the following details:

Type:     Singlet/Sleeved T Shirt

T Shirt Size:  (38/40/42/44)

Color:    (Orange/Green)

Cost of Singlet/T Shirt:  Rs.250

For races, the Soles of Cochin members wear Green T/Singlet.

For training runs, Soles wear Orange Singlet/T

If you have ordered one, you can collect the T Shirt/Singlet when you come for the Sunday Run. You can make the payment at the same time.

What is the start location of the runs?

On Sundays, usually it starts from RSC Kadavanthra @ 5.30 am. If there is a change, it will be posted in the Facebook Group Soles Of Cochin (Cochin Runners).

Infopark Front Gate, Emmanual Silks Edapally are the other start locations.The start location and time will be posted in the Facebook Group usually a day or two before the run.

Does the group run only on Sundays?

The group runs on other days as well. All details will be posted in the facebook group.

Some members of the group have formed sub groups with Soles members in the neighborhood. They group together on regular week days for runs.

The Sunday run usually starts from Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium – Kadavanthara, but that can change as well. So just watch out and you can see date/time/location posted in the group.

The goal and training plan of each runner is different, so the planned weekend runs sometimes start at varying times

A sample weekend run:

    Start Location: Decathlon, Kalamassery

30K run start time:  4.30 am

20 K  run start time:  5.00 am

15K  run start time:  5.30 am

10 K run start time:  6.00 am

5K run start time:  6.30 am

There will be hydration points for long runs. Few Soles members volunteer to provide hydration and support for the fellow runners along the route.

I am a beginner in running. What guidelines should I follow?

Just start running!

Lots of people joined this group as beginners, with no running base. You can run at your own pace and choose a distance comfortable for you in the beginning. The Sunday runs starting at RSC Kadavanthara at 5.30 am would be the best to start with since all the runners take a break at half way point giving ample time for all to catch up so you will not be left alone. The group will give you all the support and motivation that you need, don’t you worry. Slowly increase your pace and distance.

Here’s an article which can be of help

What is the purpose of a race organized by Soles of Cochin?

The sole objective of Soles of Cochin is to promote running. If there is any fund generated through any of the events organized by Soles, it will be exclusively used to promote running (encouraging budding athletes is one in the agenda). The decision on how to use the fund will be made by the Governing Body members. The Running Club is declared as a charitable society and all the events/activities/programs shall be non-profitable and aimed to promote running as a hobby/sport.